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So here we go...
So I bought a new (to me...) RV yesterday. It's an '88 31 Foot Winnebago Super Chief. It has some cosmetic issues, but it's structurally sound, and everything works. I got an amazing deal on it and had to scramble a little, but it's mine now!

Pics here:

I have a few hinges to replace and I need to tighten up the dinette back on one side, replace the shower head with one I like better, etc. All I need to do is add the mattress and personal stuff and I can roll out. It even came with 100 gallons of gas so I can get about 700 or so miles before I have to fill it up again (I had to drive it 130 miles home) ;)

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Gulf Wars will be comfortable next year (at least that is the plan!)

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