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I am not whining!

There is apparently a small percentage of people who are not effected by morphine. I'm one of those. ~sigh~

related: I probably should have gone to AMC back up in Waynesboro. Though I hate hospitals, that one is pretty much tolerable. This one seems...lacking.

Having labs redrawn (stuck again!) because the last ones were done 2 hours early??? huh? If it matters, why were they done earlier? Why am I getting stuck again?

When they give you a menu to somebody to fill out, and you do it, shouldn't they make at least an effort at putting the stuff on the tray that you asked for? I mean, the order is right there, you can see what you ordered. Why doesn't it match what is on the tray? Assuming you get a tray, which has failed to be the case for me once already.

Chef salads should have CHEESE dammit!

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