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Estienne de Condé

Rants, Raves, and babblings

2 January
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Greetings Folks!

In the Society, I'm known as Lord Estienne de Condé, and I play with the Barony of Black Diamond in the Kingdom of Atlantia. I tend to be service oriented, specifically towards individual service to the Crowns and/or Coronets. I am a card carrying monarchist, and tend to provide more support to my Queen, although I would not refuse the King anything asked.

I do fight for the Queen both on Rapier and Heavy (spear) fields, as well as Combat Archery for both. I am Lieutenant of the Queens Spears on the heavy field. The Queens Spears is a heavy combat melee unit that is comprised of rapier fighters choose to fight on the heavy field for Her Majesty. I'm also a Rapier Marshal, and I'm working on my MOL's warrant.

I am also a warranted herald, with the rank of Pursuivant. I enjoy book heraldry, but prefer court and field heralding.

I also do machine embroidery and digitizing that is almost entirely SCA specific, such as Kingdom and Baronial awards and individual devices and Arms. I maintain a website of embroidery files at http://embroidery.galtham.com/ that are free to download.

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