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rate your pain...

So Zosyn is apparently not cutting it with this infection so they moved me up to vankomycin (sp?). This is their top shelf stuff. It also is IV only and has a course of 7 to 10 days. All off which means I'm probably in here for at least another week. I'm scared to ask where we go if this new stuff doesn't cut it either.

Do you know how much I hate hospitals?

Color me frustrated, pissed, resigned, tortured, and generally unhappy with life right now.

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Sorry man, hang tough!

Thanks, I am trying - but it was very frustrating to get that news today. Now I found that the dilauded (sp?) prescribed for the pain is not going to be all that effective either. Ahh well, it doesn't hurt as bad if I don't move it at all. It's walking on it that sends me through the roof.

If vancomycin doesn't work, the next likely option is linezolid or daptomycin -- both of those are used to treat vancomycin-resistant infections. Basically, they've put you on something that's not a penicillin derivative. There may be other possibilities. Just because it's usually a last-resort sort of antibiotic doesn't mean it's the only last resort.

I always found that it wasn't that opiates really killed pain anyway -- I just didn't care that it hurt anymore and went to sleep.

LOL Thanks Deb, you really made me feel better there! Or not as bothered anymore, so I suppose that is better =)

Thanks again =)

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