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Appear to be period. 15th Century anyway. I found them in A Boke of Gode Cookery online at I just made a half batch, and they are really pretty good with honey as suggested. Now the question is, where will I make use of this information, and how? Maybe a fund raiser breakfast at some event in the future? I like cooking, I like cooking for other people, but I'm not sure about doing a full feast yet. Maybe I can do this and test the waters. I can even make them over a fire if I get one of the handy dandy campfire waffle irons.

I suppose I need to look into more "history of food" kinds of things.

Windows 7
Yup, I'm a geek. Also a sucker. When I first started hearing about the new Windows, the press was pretty good. Unlike Vista, most reviewers seemed to actually like it. When the chance came for me to grab a copy of the beta, I could not resist. So, yes, I'm running Windows 7 ultimate on the machine now.

Those that remember the ill fated Windows ME days will know what I am talking about when I say Vista = Windows ME. Windows 7 is much cleaner than Vista. It is definitely faster. This is what Vista was supposed to be I think. There are downsides, like some drivers just are not there yet, and there is not really any OpenGL support for my Nvidia 8600GT video card. The Pro's are certainly outweighing the cons at this point though, and overall I'm happy with it. The beta runs through August, at which point I'll have to decide if I want to shell out the bucks for the new OS, or roll back to Vista (or even XP, assuming I can find it then). Actually, the question is going to be if I can find XP or not, I don't think I'll be able to maintain my sanity if I have to go back to Vista.

I luvs me some Kona Coffee.

I just got some freshly ground.

Color me happy!

three things
1.) The Son's orders got pushed back, so that he doesn't have to report to Ft Stewart until March 16th (which means he'll be home for a couple more weeks!)

2.) The cat is driving me insane this morning, insisting on sitting in my lap and demanding attention. While he is a typical attention whore cat, this morning he is out doing himself with his demands that his ears be scratched.

3.) Losing my voice...frogs sound better. Sick frogs sound better. My throat is only a little sore from coughing, but...when I try and talk it comes out sounding...really bad. ~sigh~

Well, it turns out Gulf Wars is not going to happen for me, which is kind of a bummer. I enjoyed it more than either of the Pennsics I've been to so far, but it just is not going to happen this year. On the other hand, I'll be able to support the Barony a little bit at St. Pyrs, and go over to Tir-Y-Don for their birthday bash. I've been working on mapping out the events that I'm going to most likely be at up until Pennsic, and it looks to be a fairly busy season none the less.

Schedule (Subject to Change!)Collapse )

The goal this year was to maybe do a few less events, but to do them "better". Well, we are doing them better (defined as with more class and style), but there doesn't seem to be really "less". I would still like to do more out of Kingdom stuff, maybe in the Middle or Meridies. Of course, this doesn't count the household work weekends and project days that will come up as we prepare for Pennsic. We have a lot to do, things to make, plans to lay, etc. It's going to be a busy season again, but I don't think I would have it any other way =)

Back Home
So I missed university, which kind of sucks since I was lined up to do the EQ ground handler stuff.

On the other hand, we just got back from Missouri, where I watch my son graduate from OSUT (boot camp + AIT combined basically). To top it off, we got to bring him home with us for a couple of weeks so that he can do the hometown recruiter thing. He has to report to Fort Stewart on the 21st and the 3ID. I'm so proud of him I'm bursting.

Even though I missed the ground handler stuff at university, we stayed at my sister in laws friday and sat night, and I got to renew my love of riding (she has 6 horses, one of which was a gelding she let me use. This has made me determined to get EQ added to my authorizations. Somebody close by has offered me the use of one of his horses until I can get my own. Jenni (the S-I-L) said if I get a place that will support it, she will send up a two year old mare that needs training for me to play with. Of course, that means I have to remember how to train a's been decades...

Next weekend it looks like I'll be headed to Bright Hills for their birthday, plus working on painting shields with my soon to be Knight.

For those that haven't heard, I'll be squiring to Sir William Thomas at Assessment this year. It would mean a lot to me for my friends to be there, whether you fight rapier or armored (or don't fight at all!). Please consider coming if you can =)

Wii Fit
I'm trying to do at least 20 mins a day on the Wii Fit. Push ups with it are a pain, because I'm forced to place my hands in a narrower profile that I normally would. Yoga exercises are...a study in frustration. The Strength exercises are ok, and the balance exercises are more like games, making them a lot more fun to do. It gives me incentive though, to get off my butt and do some exercise.

Rapier at Ice Castles
for those not on rapiernet:

The (current) forecast for Ice Castles is sunny, with temps around 40. I've been watching it closely, and it's been switching back and forth between mostly sunny to clear. Updates here:

We will be fighting outside unless the field conditions are such that I feel it is unsafe. There is plenty of indoor room if we need it.

Don't forget, 3 person teams, limit of one provost or two free scholars per team for some nifty prizes starting at 10:00. Tourney format will most likely be round robin, but may change based on number of teams. Finals will be two out of three. It will be followed by a novice tourney run by our own Antonio (for which there is also a nifty prize), which will in turn be followed by all the pick-ups you can handle.

Somewhere in there we are going to have the illustrious Turvon fighting his prize for elevation to free scholar. Authorizations will start at 9:00 am, so hopefully we can have everybody concerned ready by 9:30 and get the prize playing done before the tourney. I'll leave that up to his sponsoring provosts to schedule with me.

The key here is time. Everything is designed so that pickups should start no later than 12:45, so that we have most of the afternoon to wear yourselves out, playing with folks that hopefully you don't get to fight very often. I'm told we have a good number of folks coming down from the northern end of the Kingdom so hopefully we will have a matching response from the south =). In that light, If you have a team, would you please write me off list so I can go ahead and get the cards made up this week. I just need team name and the folks that are on it. If you do not have a team, please let me know as well and I will set up a list of folks to make things easy for you to find each other and get ready quickly the morning of the event.

The rapier field will be open until Court.

short update
I'm headed out to Caer Mear's fighter practice tonight with William Thomas. One of my...well, not resolutions, but things that I want to work on this year is getting to as many practices as I can both inside and outside the Barony. More road time, but hopefully I'll be able to finally push past this little plateau that I seem to be struggling with. I had some great bouts at Holiday Faire with the longsword, and I still favor it over any other style, but I think I'll be using the 35 mostly tonight. Still taking the the longsword though!

Conner tells me he wants to see how my game has improved with a more...conventional...weapon, so I need to be sure I can still play with it effectively. I'm not sure *when* I'll be able to show Conner that I haven't lost it completely, since I'm MIC for Ice Castles, so won't be able to play there. Probably Gulf Wars, since I'm not planning on going to Ymir ;-)

In other news, Ice Castles is now approaching fast. I still need to get the prizes made for the Novice tourneys, but other than that everything is pretty much lined up. Bring a team. Fight =). Plans are to do any authorizations first thing - as in around 9:00. tourney will start no later than 10, with novice tourney immediately following, then pick ups. With Turvon playing his Free Scholar prize at the event, we should draw a fair number of folks to play with. Pickups will run until court (or until they run us off to set up for court in the case of foul weather).


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